Sunday, 8 April 2007

Scottish Golfing Books - Scotland's Golf Courses: History and Landscape

This golf book takes a different approach to the usual coffee-table mix of scenic views and purple prose. Written by a geologist and geographer, it is a detailed survey of Scotland's golfing environment, exploring the unique features and terrain which make Scottish courses the most varied and challenging in the world. The acclaimed first edition of Scotland's Golf Courses described and assessed 425 courses, and became an essential handbook for the discerning golfer.

There are now over 500 golf courses in Scotland. The underlying structures of all of these are analysed in this new edition, and the invaluable region-by-region guide lists location, address, length, standard scratch score, restrictions on access, cost of a weekday round, date founded and course type. Scotland is the home of golf, and its courses are part of golfing history. The book includes an account of the history of the game in Scotland, and explains how the phenomenal growth of interest in golf has been driven by tourism, increased leisure time and media coverage.

There are many distinct types of golf courses: inland courses built over rocky outcrops, parklands and heather moorlands, and seaside courses, including the classic links which attract golfers from all over the world. The descriptions of the most important courses of each type are accompanied by course diagrams in colour, and many colour photographs illustrate key features described in the text. This is a book for the serious golfing enthusiast; it will enable him or her to get the most out of Scotland's rich golfing environment and heritage.

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