Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The Blue Moon Book by Anne MacLeod

The Blue Moon Book by Anne MacLeod, born in Aberfeldy. Love can leave you breathless, lost for words. Jess Kavanagh knows. Doesn’t know. Twenty four hours after meeting and falling for archaeologist and Pictish expert Michael Hurt she suffers a horrific accident that leaves her with aphasia and amnesia. No words. No memory of love. Michael travels south, unknowing. It is her estranged partner sports journalist Dan MacKie who is at the bedside when Jess finally regains consciousness. Dan, forced to review their shared past, is disconcerted by Jess’s fear of him, by her loss of memory, loss of words.

Will their relationship survive this test? Should it survive? Will Michael find Jess again? In this absorbing contemporary novel, Anne MacLeod interweaves themes of language, love and loss in patterns as intricate, as haunting as the Pictish Stones.

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